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Effing Gear
Effing Apparel is an exclusive new brand that mixes fashion with fun. The company was launched out of Kansas City with the vision that playful people need clothes that embody a carefree attitude and a gratifying enjoyment of all of life's pleasures. The brand has no boundaries and was built for the unique individual that usually gravitates towards FUN. Hence our slogan “Put Some Effing Clothes On!” We hope you enjoy our creation and take a journey with us!

Effing Apparel can be found anywhere: at the tailgate, in the classroom, on the stadium bleacher, or hanging in the closet of a world-class athlete. Effing Apparel represents the nostalgia felt while savoring good times and making memories with friends. When you recollect and laugh about all the crazy things you have done and friendships that you have made – they have been built upon one common effing thing ... like a college effing town. Effing represents all the great memories and cool things that you do. Effing Apparel is for hanging out at the coolest bar in town, catching a game over homecoming weekend, reuniting with friends during the annual get-together, and solidifying the bond that makes friends so important.

To provide the highest level of quality apparel to customers that want to embrace and celebrate the unique aspects of a memorable event, a special person, a great town, or an unforgettable locale. We also strive to provide comfortable clothing at a reasonable price.

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