• Mega Mondays at Tanner's Waldo
    by Dan Scott
    Mega Mondays at Tanner's Waldo

    So what... it's the start of another work week and you have a terrible case of the Monday's. When you kick off work for the day there is hope. Mega Monday's at Tanner's Waldo has some great specials to get your head right. Mega Monday specials are good from open to close so make it there for lunch and stay till your boss calls wondering where you are Tuesday Morning...

    - Food Specials -

    $5.49 Boogas

    $6.49 Marinated Steak Tips & Fries

    50 CENT Wings


    - Drink Specials -

    $2 Wells

    $2 16oz Domestics

    $3 22oz Domestics

    $4 Jameson Shots

    $3.50 16oz Imports