• Spring Family Timber Challenge! (FTC)
    by Jen Scott
    Spring Family Timber Challenge! (FTC)

    Regular Pre-sale starts, Jan 2nd - 4+ entries = $29 each / 1-3 entries = $34 each

    Spring Family Timber Challenge! (FTC) 

    Welcome to the Spring Family fun run event at the KC Timber Challenge course or FTC for short. Over the last year we have seen hundreds of families out watching and we figured it was only fair to let the little Squatch’s in on the fun!

    The Spring Family Timber Challenge (FTC) is a 2 mile "race" and is packed with fun and challenging obstacles for the whole family. We do recommend this course is for children 5 and up who have the ability to grip and climb light obstacles for maximum fun and safety.

    This one of a kind muddy obstacle course featuring 10 more obstacles than last season and new segments of the course. NOW with over over 20 obstacles and all the must haves of an adult course including a few highlights:

    - NEW Course segments that no one has seen yet
    - Handheld zip-lines designed from Lil Squatch to Big Squatch skill levels
    - Tunnels to crawl through
    - Climbing thru our infamous Vertigo Bus
    - Balance Beams
    - Mud pits and throwing mud clods at our Squatch targets.
    - Foam obstacle
    - Giant Monkey Bars & Much More!

    Admission includes entry, t-shirt (t-shirt deadline April 3rd at noon), souvenir wristband, event pictures, refreshments and access to the family party zone at the start / finish line. Meet our very own Sasquatch and celebrate with a Spring themed party complete with free custom Squatch face painter, kids activities and fun things to do for the whole family.


    Pricing Structure After Pre-Sale
    Quantities are limited and expected to sell out quickly

    Individuals- up to 3 runners $44/each
    Family Deals- 4 or more $34/each