• Kyle Farnsworth
    by Tim Pafford
    Kyle Farnsworth

    No one likes scapegoating. I don’t. But sometimes real issues need to be brought to light; and this time it is Kyle Farnsworth. The guy has played for some great teams. (The Yankees, The Braves, and The Tigers to name a few of them.) But while he has been with The Royals he has been disappointing.

    Too many games went by that The Royals had the lead and put out Farnsworth. By the time he went back to the dugout, the Royals were trailing. They did not get to bring out Soria, and the offence was unable to get the lead back. Too many of the games, from the first third into the end of the season, we saw this exact scenario play out. Too many games to come to this result; especially when he is one of the three best paid players on the team.

    His salary is a major contribution to The Royals inability to be able to hire on better players. Granted the team has now taken in some of the best players it has seen in a long time; there would have be even more if they had not hired Farnsworth at the pay rate he is contracted to. While Soria and Greinke have ERAs of 2.21 and 2.16 respectively, Kyle Farnsworth has an ERA of 4.58 and saw much less game time. The only other pitchers with higher ERAs (in regular rotation) are Hochevar, Colon, and John Bale. Colon was a major culprit of the eighth inning demise aside Farnsworth. On several occasions, I wanted to stop watching the game when Trey Hillman decided to try to get his team’s money’s worth out of Farnsworth.

    Don’t think I am saying we need to off him. In his past he has proved to be a good pitcher. Maybe it is a slump. All players have them some times. But based on what happened 2009 things need to change. The beginning of 2010 will soon be here (not soon enough for many of us die-hards) and the Royals need Kyle Farnsworth to return to the stats he has shown that he is capable of in the past. If not, we will be back to the same issues that were detrimental to the team during 2009. He needs to step up and earn his keep.